Starburst Jelly Beans Original Fruit Flavors Pantry-Size, 54 Ounce

  • Starburst Jellybeans packed with juicy flavor
  • Stock up and enjoy fresh flavor with this bulk candy jar featuring a resealable lid
  • Add an unexplainably juicy treat to the dessert table at your next party
  • Perfect for gift baskets, crafts, parties, or simply for sharing with loved ones
  • Experience the deliciously juicy flavor of Starburst Jellybeans

This Easter, make somebunny smile with STARBURST original assorted jelly bean
candy. Perfect for boosting their Easter baskets and hiding in egg hunts, or
even serving up in a candy dish, these 54-ounce tubs of STARBURST original
flavors featuring strawberry, cherry, orange and lemon flavors make eggs-
traordinary treats for every chewy candy lover. Order your holiday fruity
candy online and stock up for spring! You like STARBURST. Thank you—we’re
hugging you with our minds as you read this. But you also like jelly beans.
Because, really, who doesn’t? All this got us thinking—what if we took the
outrageous burst of delicious fruit candy flavors you know and love and paired
it with the satisfying chew of jelly beans? And then it hit us: STARBURST
Jellybeans! More than just an Easter candy, STARBURST Jellybeans are the
perfect complement to any party favor or party gift. Stocked with everyone’s
favorite STARBURST Original Fruit Candy flavors, this jar with a resealable
lid featuring strawberry, cherry, orange, green apple, grape and lemon
assortment is sure to sprout smiles on the faces of your friends and family.
Stock up your office pantry with this bulk assorted candy jar of festive
treats so you can fill candy dishes at the front desk with bold, fruity
flavor. This sweet chewy candy treat is fat free and makes the perfect movie
night candy, party snack or everyday treat to satisfy your sweet cravings. It
even comes sealed in a bulk resealable jar to keep them fresh, and this jar of
candy is easy to stack in your pantry. Whether you add them to your favorite
recipes or enjoy them on their own, there are many fun ways to add a burst of
fruity flavor to your party.

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