Olde Thompson Fine Ground Himalayan Pink Salt, 12lbs, Bulk Size

  • Pantry essentials: 12lb tub is filled with a quality supply of our Fine Ground Himalayan Pink Salt. Fill your salt shaker with them for a fresh and complex burst of flavor. Himalayan Pink Salt fits in perfectly with any lineup of spices in your kitchen.
  • Kitchen versatility: Add Himalayan Pink Salt to your blends of herbs and spices. Bring new components to your fish, chicken, vegetables, pork roast, stew, or any other dish that needs an aromatic lift.
  • Professional chef quality: Ideal for use in commercial restaurant kitchens or at home for your personal culinary endeavors.
  • Built for freshness: Our 12lb tub is designed to maintain the gourmet aromatic flavor profile of our Himalayan Pink Salt Crystals.
  • Responsible packaging: Our PET tub is disposable and recyclable, so you can discard after use without the guilt of creating waste.

Olde Thompson Fine Ground Himalayan Pink Salt (12 lbs.)

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