Kimberly-Clark 75130 Scott Shop Towel Roll, 55 Count (Pack of 1)

  • These bulk shop towels are designed for cleaning up grease, liquids, oils and spills in automotive repairs and garages.

Whether you own an automotive shop, are a D.I.Y. weekend warrior or are simply
cleaning the garage, Scott Shop Towels, Original (Blue) are a must in your
list of supplies. These utility shop towels are ideal for changing oil,
refilling fluids and general automotive maintenance. They are the shop towels
that can help you get just about any job done right! A 2013 study shows that
100% of freshly laundered shop towels tested contain lead and using just three
laundered towels per day can expose you – or your employees – to lead and
other heavy metals. That means that workers using “clean†rented cloth shop
towels can unknowingly be exposed to lead. OSHA warns that lead may build up
in biological systems and become a significant health hazard over time. Lead
exposure has been linked with nervous system disorders, high blood pressure,
heart disease, kidney disease and even reduced fertility. Not surprisingly,
78% of manufacturing workers surveyed agreed that laundered shop towels should
be banned if they are not 100% free of hazardous materials after laundering.
In order to help keep your valued employees safe and to make them feel
confident in the precautions you’re taking, it’s smart to switch to a clean
and safe alternatives to laundered shop towels. Disposable Scott Paper Shop
Towels fit the bill. Since each towel is new, there’s no risk of employees’
exposure to harmful chemicals. They’ll appreciate the care you take with
providing them a safe work environment.

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