HI-CHEW Bites Original Mix, Pack of 12 Bags, 2.12oz each | Mango Green Apple Strawberry Chewlets | Unique Fun Soft & Chewy Taffy Candy | Immensely Juicy Fruit Flavors

  • Meet the new HI-CHEW Bites: Conveniently unwrapped chewlets to enjoy your favorite chew on the go, featuring three of the most popular flavors: Mango, Green Apple and Strawberry.
  • DELICIOUS: Mango transports your taste-buds to a tropical island oasis while Green Apple offers a balanced blend of sweet and tart flavors for the perfect pucker. And of course, classic Strawberry is a sweet and satisfying twist on your favorite summer fruit.
  • UNIQUE: Unwrapped chewlets are coated in a plant-derived powder that helps to keep the candy from sticking together without compromising the famous HI-CHEW chewy texture. While smaller in size, each chewlet stays true to the core HI-CHEW mission - to create an immensely fruity and intensely chewy snacking experience.
  • PORTABLE: Each bag contains 25 pieces of candy, the perfect grab-and-go option for road-trips with friends, in between classes or as a quick afternoon treat.
  • INGREDIENTS: HI-CHEW is available in a variety of true-to-life fruit flavors. HI-CHEW is gluten-free, made with natural and artificial fruit flavors, and no colors from synthetic sources. HI-CHEW is manufactured in North Carolina, Taiwan, and China.

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